Compatibility Quiz

Today more and more religious institutions of all faiths are recommending that couples take part in pre-marriage counseling. This is due to the high rate of unhappy unions. The answers to these quizzes help couples learn more about each other. By taking such a quiz, couples can learn about each other’s similarities and differences. Couples will see how much they agree or disagree on vital issues that can affect their future together.

Bride’s Guide has put together a quiz of its own. You may be surprised at some of the answers. You may discover that much separates you in spite of your strong physical attraction. Or you may find that your love is so strong that you both are willing to adjust and compromise. Many of you will find out what you’ve known all along—that you are well suited to each other.

The rules to taking this quiz are simple. Just answer each question privately and truthfully. Add 4 points for each yes answer; minus 4 points for each no and 0 points for don’t know.

1. We have very little conflict in our relationship.
2. When we do argue or disagree, we can resolve it by sharing our feelings.
3. I tend to agree with my fiancé more often than not.
4. My partner and I are able to talk about our feelings whether they are good or bad.
5. We share a similar belief system concerning politics, social concerns, and philosophies of life.
6. We agree on wanting or not wanting children.
7. If we want children, our ideas on raising a child are similar.
8. On spending and saving money for our future, we share the same principles.
9. We make each other laugh and share a similar sense of humor.
10. If I had a magic wand and could create the ideal mate, I would choose my fiancé.
11. Our sexual/physical relationship is very good.
12. We trust each other.
13. If your mate wants to spend a night out with his/her friends, you won’t feel jealous. You can give each other a fair amount of freedom.
14. When we argue, we fight fair. We don’t use personal attacks. We try and resolve the real conflicts.
15. We both share the same views on fidelity and monogamous relationships.
16. My partner is kind and generous.
17. My partner is willing to share the chores in our house.
18. My partner knows how to lift up my spirits when I’m blue.
19. I get along well with his family and friends.
20. In addition to being in love with your partner, you like him/her as well.
21. I feel accepted by his family and friends.
22. My partner is supportive of my career choice.
23. I enjoy our conversations.
24. I support my partner’s career choice.
25. My partner is a happy, well-adjusted person.

Total your score. If you scored 80 to 100 points, congratulations, you are probably headed to a successful relationship. Remember all relationships continue to grow and change. No matter how good your relationship is now, you and your partner must always work together to keep your relationship strong.

60 to 80 points, you are headed in the same direction. Make sure you keep your lines of communication open—both expressing your feelings and listening to your partner. Look over the places where you answered no and see where you can work together to improve your relationship.

40 to 60 points, it just takes more effort. Consider premarital counseling through your clergy or a professional counselor.

Below 40 points, take your time. There is no need to rush. Why not speak to a marriage counselor.

Please remember that this service is not scientific and that these questions were constructed merely as a guide to help you. No matter what you score, the ultimate success of your relationship rests solely on the two of you.


  1. February 5, 2018

    From The Groom’s Corner, how do you ask the Girl you Love to Marry you. Do talk to her about Marriage Before you Propose…don’t make it a Total Surprise. Make sure it’s something you both agree with and it’s something you both want, Like Children. Do make it a Surprise even though you have discussed it and it is something you both want. You’ve Talked to her about the Engagement Ring, You have talked to her parents. Ypu can pick a personal Spot, do be creative and do drop to one knee. If you are asking her and being creative around a meal, Don’t Hide the Engagement Ring in Food. I hate to say it (as I’m sure some readers were planning to do this) but hiding the Ring in food is a tired idea. It’s been in a thousand movies and TV shows and you won’t win any points for creativity. Even worse, you may end your romantic proposal with a trip to the ER or the Dentist.
    Don’t Do it in front of Her Family. It’s an added level of stress that you don’t need. Don’t make it too Complicated. While it’s good to be Creative, remember to keep the focus on the Proposal itself. Go For it and make it Work.


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